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PaperPro 1000 Desktop Stapler

Make stapling 80 percent easier with the PaperPro One-Finger technology of this desktop stapler. Just the push of one finger staples up to 20 sheets. The cleverly integrated staple remover allows quick fixes. Staple storage compartment in the base keeps extra staples on hand for immediate reloading. Jam-free mechanism delivers smooth stapling performance. Sleek, lightweight design with nonslip grip and base allows comfortable handling whether stapling with one finger, a palm or in your hand. Stapler opens for bulletin board tacking. Nonslip base provides stability and tabletop protection. Stapler offers a full-strip (210) staple capacity and uses standard staples.

PaperPro 1716 EcoStapler

Environmentally friendly stapler provides staple gun-style performance to require less force when stapling thick stacks of paper. Easy-to-use design staples up to 20 sheets of paper with the touch of a single finger. Nonslip handle and base allows safe, comfortable performance. Stapler is designed for use with standard-size staples.

PaperPro 500 Compact Stapler

Compact stapler features a patented spring-powered mechanism that delivers 25 lb. of power with only 5.2 lb. of effort. It staples up to 15 sheets with the press of a single finger, the equivalent of pushing an elevator button. Set up horizontally with a small footprint or vertically to save space. Stapler offers jam-free performance, a comfortable ergonomic grip, handy staples-remaining window, and easy drop-in loading of standard staples. It opens for tacking and includes a half-strip of staples.

PaperPro Evo Desktop Stapler

Desktop stapler features a spring-powered design to drive staples through 20 sheets of paper with just the touch of a finger. Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand for improved stapling comfort. Nonslip rubberized handle allows safe, comfortable performance. Stapler is designed for use with standard-size staples.

PaperPro inPRESS 12 3-hole Punch

With ProPunch technology, easily and cleanly slice through 12 sheets with 50 percent less effort. Sleek, all-metal construction delivers long-lasting, premium performance. Integrated ruler and paper guide ensure consistent hole placement while the nonslip base provides extra stability during use. Built-in handle lock on the three-hole punch allows punch to be conveniently stored in drawers. Internal chip chamber empties through a rear door for neat disposal without having to remove the punch base.

PaperPro Manual Hole Punch

Three-hole punch features a low-force design to make punching 40 percent easier to use than standard punches. Jam-free mechanism ensures consistent, worry-free performance. Nonslip rubberized base prevents the punch from sliding for safe use. Internal waste chamber with an easy-access door makes disposal clean and simple. Lockdown handle reduces the overall size of the punch for space-saving storage. Three-hole punch is designed to punch up to 20 sheets at once.